Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Meet the Team

Meet the Emanuel Family...

Hewenden has been home to the Emanuel family for over 25 years and the inspiration for this business was born out of the desire to share this beautiful valley with others.  Our love for this place, each other and what we do is built into every aspect of our business and we consider ourselves very lucky that so many of our guests come back time and time again to enjoy Hewenden with us. 

John (left), Christine(top), Janet (Right), Susan (middle), Max and Cleo


Mum to Susan and Christine, Janet does a brilliant job of looking after everyone who visits the valley.  Warm and welcoming, with an uncanny ability to "think of everything" - an oft repeated description in our visitor books.  Janet's generosity of spirit, vitality and infectious sense of fun comes through in all aspects of our enterprise and reflects her passionately held belief that work should always be fun but never a joke.


A born engineer, John divides his time between transforming derelict mills and cottages into beautiful holiday accommodation and tinkering with his much loved motorbikes.  Although he is highly inventive he is also exceptionally practical, with the energy and stamina to tackle large scale projects at a hands on level.  John is passionate about history and relished the challenge that the grade two listed Bents Mill presented with its rich industrial heritage. 

Susan (me)

Daughter of Janet and John and mum to Max and Cleo, I'm something of a 'jack of all trades' within this team - I love the variety that this job offers - meeting guests, marketing, gardening, accounting, cleaning (and, of course, blogging!).  On school holidays I am able to bring my small helpers into work (not much gets done but we have a lot of fun trying!) which all adds up to me having the best job in the world.


Youngest daughter yet wise beyond her years, Christine is incredibly resourceful with highly developed managerial and organisational skills.  Her current job with Oldham libraries provides the challenges she needs yet she has the energy left over to give to both the family and the cottage business.  An absolute whizz with computers she regularly drops in for a coffee and to upgrade our system.  She has even been known to don some rubber gloves in peak periods - we all appreciate her love and support.

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