Thursday, 14 June 2012

Meet our wonderful aromatherapist...


If we could have just one wish for our guests staying in Hewenden - its that they find the time and space to truly relax.  Our wonderful aromatherapist, Sabina, can certainly help in this endeavour. Years of study and training in the field of aromatherapy, massage and Reiki healing build upon an instinctive and natural gift for making those around her feel relaxed, rebalanced and ready to embrace the present moment. What better way to enhance your holiday in Hewenden than to indulge with an aromatherapy massage. 

Sabina visits Hewenden every Thursday, when our communal lounge is transformed into a private treatment room, bringing holistic healing to your door.  Alternative appointments can often be accommodated at times of mutual convenience.  If you would like more information or to book an appointment prior to your visit please don't hesitate to email us.

Aromatherapy massage: Holistic and deeply relaxing, this massage nourishes the body and revives tired muscles whilst releasing tension and stress.  Essential oils are applied for maximum benefit.

Full body massage: 1 hour session £28
Back, neck and scalp: 3/4 hour session £22
Back massage: 1/2 hour session £18

Aromatherapy Facial: a facial cleanse precedes a therapeutic massage using nature's essential oils.  Tailored to your skin type, this massage is beneficial for skin tone as well as tension carried in the head and neck area.

Facial: 3/4 hour session £24

Reiki healing: is an ancient healing system. When harnessed, the healing effect has the ability to both sustain and restore equilibrium to ones system.  The intention of Reiki is to enhance and maintain well being.  Reiki is able to bring release to many discomforts such as physical aches and pains, emotional issues, tension and stress.

Reiki healing: 1 hour session £26

Guided Visualisation: 1 - 1 1/2 hour seession: £30

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