Thursday, 20 September 2012

Time to Escape?

What a fantastically exciting Summer 2012 has turned out to be!

The Olympics and Paraolympics have given the nation a much needed boost to our collective morale providing an adrenaline fuelled high that has proved both infectious and addictive.  Although we didn’t manage to enjoy these events first hand, very many of our friends, family and guests were lucky enough to get tickets and we have delighted in their stories and descriptions of the incredible action.  The brilliant television coverage also helped to convey the electric atmosphere. 

Given the strength of the positive vibe that has gripped the nation what can we expect now that this heady Summer of sport is coming to a close? The press have rather gloomily predicted an anti-climax but maybe it’s simply time to retreat a little, to rest a little and to relax a lot.  Perhaps this can be seen as a welcome relief from the nervous tension and heightened state of emotion that we have lived with for the past few months.  As millions of people have flooded into London, the epicentre of the action, maybe the time is now right for an escape to the country.

 Autumn is a natural time for retreating into a gentler pace of life and the impact of this wonderful season is felt strongly in the ancient woodlands of Hewenden.  The tapestry of colours and textures create the most breathtaking views while a stroll amongst the trees and mill ponds allows for complete immersion in the golden, amber and crimson hues.  If you feel the need (or simply would like) to get away from it all and rediscover some precious you time, the warm , cosy and comfortable cottages in Hewenden may just be the ticket. 

For photos of the amazing autumn displays please visit our facebook page – or, better still, come and enjoy them first hand – we would be delighted to see you!
Amazing Acer in the secret garden!
Spectacular autumn skies!

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