Monday, 1 October 2012

Step inside the weird and wonderful world of art!

Hewenden - a most marvellous base for a stimulating and inspiring art and sculpture trail...

Following a recent foray into the world of landscape architecture and all things art based, my family and I set off this weekend in search of sculpture.  I had heard favourable reports from friends about the Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield (around 45 minutes away) but was also warned that this may not be ideal for the children.  Determined as I was to make this a family day out, we set off for said gallery with sketch pads, drawing pencils and, as an emergency measure, a couple of DS games consoles for guaranteed quiet entertainment should the art fail to engage our 6 and 10 year olds.  I was absolutely delighted to discover that the Hepworth gallery actively embraces budding young artists and sets out highly creative activities most weekends - yesterday's being 'making a metal creature'! Even without the excitement of twisting, punching and moulding bits of metal into chickens and the like, our kids absolutely loved the permanent sculpture collections by Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore and were fascinated by the truly inspiring work of Richard Long and his artistic interventions with nature. The super modern, minimal building is a perfect foil for such pieces creating a very calm and contemplative atmosphere and to further enhance this sublime feeling of relaxation, drinks and delicious food from the cafe were most welcome. Outside, there are further sculptures to enjoy, and, as an added bonus, a brilliant adventure playground! I can whole heartedly recommend a visit to the Hepworth gallery, with or without children, with or without a life long passion for all things arty. 
Photo: We thoroughly enjoyed our family day trip to the Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield yesterday - the kids loved sitting on the floor with their sketch pads drawing Barbara Hepworth sculptures.  The Richard Long exhibition is truly inspiring and beautifully captures an artists interaction with nature. I can whole heartedly recommend a visit - it only took little over 45 minutes from Hewenden.

Next week we going to revisit the Yorkshire sculpture park and the following week I've provisionally pencilled in Leeds Art Gallery.  Somewhere in between, I'm hopeful we can shoehorn in a trip to Salts Mill to look at David Hockney's new exhibition 'Twenty Five Trees'.  It's safe to say that we have been well and truly bitten by the art bug and lucky for us Hewenden is an amazing base for exploring a wealth of wonderful sculpture, art and design all within an hours radius.  If the idea of immersing yourself in the stimulating and exciting world of art appeals, why not book a short break to Hewenden and enjoy these jolly, art inspired jaunts for yourself!

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